Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Protecting marriage: A Column Worth Reading

Column: Protecting marriage - Opinions

Kudos to Brian Pierce and his excellent column regarding gay marriage. This is a fine and courageous piece of writing. Brian smartly uses the high value placed on marriage to show why all people should be allowed to participate in this institution, demonstrating the unacceptable discrimination legally condoned by our society and supported by the very religious institutions that teach the principles of love.

I have heard the arguments on both sides of this issue. How is it, I have wondered, that two men or two women uniting in marriage threatens the bond I share with my wife? I have asked myself how a society so willing to accept divorce and multiple marriages per person can pretend to be so adamant about protecting marriage as an institution.

The arguments against gay marriage within a specific church are strong. Catholic Churches should not be forced into the fray. However, those churches willing to support and bless these bonds should be allowed to do so, and no person should be denied a marriage license based on the person whom they wish to wed.


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