Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bam Bam's War Against Illiteracy?

In his latest post, Bam Bam attacks a DI letter writer, accusing him of illiteracy. He says, "The second letter criticized an earlier editorial for the various anti-war groups hording annual township meetings to get impeachment and anti-war referenda on the ballot. The idea that the DI (who ran out Acton for publishing politically incorrect cartoons) is the ideological soulmate of the OBO is amusing."

Who's the illiterate one, Bam? Wasn't it the Illini Media Board of Directors who fired Acton? But the letter said the editorial board. I'm no media expert, but something tells me there is a difference here.

Bambenek is, if nothing else, consistent. Disagree with him and you must be illiterate!


Anonymous John Bambenek said...

I was in the newsroom when this went down. Yes, officially the IMC board fired Acton, but he never would have been suspended had the edit board not insisted.

But I accused the writer of illiteracy for attacking points I'm not making.

Seriously, read what I write and respond to it. Don't fire off the latest talking points, I'm just not that interested in reading the latest from the fever swamp of prefabricated thought.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Don said...

Bam Bam, why is it that you insist that people who don't understand your points aren't reading what you write. Seriously, clarity is a quality of strong writing. If you are misunderstood, perhaps it's not the reader at issue.

7:37 PM  

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