Thursday, March 15, 2007

Board's actions regarding Chief cowardly - Editorials

Board's actions regarding Chief cowardly - Editorials

"Whatever embarrassment the Chief debate has caused, past and present, it is obvious this board's behavior has greatly surpassed it."

Get over yourself, DI Editorial Board. Who are you, anyway?

You're mad at the process? For 80 years, our university was represented by a stereotype that degrades, and you are made at the process used to fix the issue?

I have an inkling that if the Board had decided to hold this meeting, cast this vote, and announce its decision now-after basketball season in Champaign is over-you would have belly-ached about that, too.

"Poor us. They should have told us we were watching the last dance..."

"It's not fair..."

This is your cause?

This is the argument you want to make?