Saturday, April 29, 2006

DI's Number Not In Service

Free hotline opens to offer dream analysis - News

Here's some hard-hitting news for you. It amazes me that a paper that accuses Urbana citizens of wasting paper and money on a vote to end the war or impeach the president will dedicate print space to the ridiculous notion that the School of Metaphysics can interpret our dreams on the Quad, or, even better, via a free hotline! Wow...Where's my phone?

Wait just a second. Hmm. I've got my phone here, and an overwhelming desire to call about this dream I had where I had to poop in my dream and then woke up and took a really big dump. I have to know what that means. Damn. The angst I feel is killing me. Alas, the Daily Illini ran a story about this hotline and DIDN'T PRINT THE NUMBER!


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