Monday, April 10, 2006

University of Illinois' Strategic Plan

The University of Illinois has been challenged by both the Daily Herald of Chicagoland and the News-Gazette regarding the strategic plan that aims to increase diversity and reduce the size of the freshman class. Both publications are right to question the University, but they are both wrong when it comes to criticizing the University's plan to increase the standards for admission. The University of Illinois shouldn't just strive to be the best public university in the state; it should work to be the best in the nation. Reducing class size will allow the University to increase the quality of education. The Residence Hall system will have more space for incoming students, classrooms will be less crowded, and class schedules will become easier to configure. Upping the standards for admission will make for a more focused, less apathetic student body driven more by academic success. Increased diversity will prepare those who are admitted for competition in a global economy.

In short, the University is headed in the right direction.


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