Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Did Anything Happen to SEDS?

The Illinois Space Society is listed as a Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois.

In November of 2003, this RSO began planning an April 2004 event called Yuri's Night.

During the event's planning, students discussed combining an official RSO activity with alcohol. Some of the conversation is below:

At any rate, we ought to start planning for Yuri's Night in April! It is on Tuesday, April 12th. We need ideas in order to make this a huge celebration; a party that no one will be able to miss. I have a few ties to the Booze News, where I used to work, and would be able to publicize the event to that crowd, but I still need your help!
Therefore, I am soliciting ideas from everyone. What would you like to see? Obviously we will have T-shirts, but what should our actual activity be?

Now, I don't want to copy the Irish Illini's bar scramble event, but I think it is an excellent model of what can happen with this event. I talked to Kevin Doyle a few weeks ago, the founder of Irish Illini, and he told us his story. Apparently Irish Illini was a very small club a few years ago, and no one knew about it. Then he got the idea to have the biannual bar scramble, and it seriously put them on the map. Now they have to cut the teams off at 70 teams of 8 or more, and the club is one of the biggest on campus, except for possibly I Pride or the Chief Illiniwek club. It goes to show that if we plan this event well, really really well, and have some fun and exciting activities, we will make people say "what is this awesome club, and why am i not a member?"

I don't know what option you'll have then, if you're not 19, besides just getting an ID-- unless we have it at Joe's or something and you get in while they're still pretending to be a restaurant and just wait for the party to start. I definitely want to be boozing if this is a party, I'm sure many other people want to celebrate it Russian-style, and bars are less formidable and easier to organize than house or apartment parties.
Kirk's idea of incorporating the Russian club into this is excellent! I really like that idea.

To see more, follow the link above to the SEDS discussion Forum.

I'm not sure if any of this violates University policy, and it's important to keep in mind that this is all two years old. However, it calls into question the idea of selective enforcement some have raised regarding the Irish Illini. I'd love for someone to catch another RSO in a situation replicating what the Irish Illini did, present the info to the proper authorities, and see what happens. Any takers?

Regarding the Irish Illini, see this LiveJournal post. Scroll down to the April 24 8:37 am post for info about how the RSO might be using its remaining funds.


Anonymous reed said...

Why would anyone need to report this? After all, the University police clearly investigate these things consistently. [/sarcasm]

5:17 PM  
Blogger Don said...

Did they initiate the investigation into the Irish Illini? What were the facts surrounding that event? Not arguing here...just wondering. I haven'tread a whole lot on that aspect of the USPD issue.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous reed said...

All I know about how it came to the knowledge of the University is that it was Lt. Jeff Christensen, an officer with the University Police, put the email on Brooks Moore's desk.

10:00 AM  

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